"An additional plate for the invisible ones" [Photographic work]

An additional plate for the invisible ones, photographic work around the fox by interposed meals. //

During the summer, I wanted to work on a small photographic project that excited and amazed me a lot, to explore the relationships, the invisible connections that we can have with wild animals without meeting them. For several weeks, I left a fruit plate for foxes every evening and photographed what was left in the morning. At the start, I didn't have a camera to see them, so for a long time, the only manifestation of their presence, discreet, invisible but still there, was to find the plate more or less empty the next day. I finally ended up buying a camera to observe the wildlife and I realized that it was a family of foxes, the mother and three fox cubs but which were no longer so small, I would say teenagers. And it's really magical, to know that life is there around us, to surround us with its tumult of energy: at every moment, almost invisible and yet bubbling, omnipresent. These networks of connections, of the Living are really fascinating and should be highlighted and valued: not seeing, not touching has this mystery, this wonder of the heart that only the fact of knowing that it is there, that it is really there, always, filled with joy the existence, in a way so gracious, so full. As it was summer, they had a multitude of various fruits and which they practically all adored (except strangely the banana and the strawberries): melons, watermelons, raspberries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, apricots, plums etc.

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